Major Milestones

Bayou City Concert Musicals has built a reputation for presenting quality musical theatre. BCCM’s production of FOLLIES was called a “stirring testament to the depth of talent found in the Bayou City” by Outsmart Magazine. Houston Chronicle critic Everett Evans called the 2005 production of ASSASSINS “darkly brilliant” and the Houston Press said the 2006 production of FIORELLO! was “a landslide victory for everyone.”

The 2008 production of PAL JOEY was equally well received. Houston Press critic D. L. Groover called the production an “unbeatable rendition of the classic 1940 show…it will be hard to forget.” Critic Everett Evans of the Houston Chronicle wrote “…the fabled but seldom-seen PAL JOEY was a blast for nostalgia buffs – snappy in dialogue, snazzy in song and dance.”

The 2009 production of ON THE TOWN drew the largest audience in BCCM’s history. More than 1,200 Houstonians attended the five performances in the 300-seat theater. The Houston Press said BCCM’s production “brought us as close as we’re probably going to get to what all the excitement was about” (referring to the original Broadway production). Critic Groover also wrote that Krissy Richmond gave this seminal work a coherent dance plot that actually kissed the score.”

About the 2010 production of GENTLEMEN PREFER BLONDES, Everett Evans of the Houston Chronicle commented: “Move over, diamonds, Bayou City Concert Musicals is the new best friend of GENTLEMEN PREFER BLONDES. It’s the sparkle of the cast, led by Carolyn Johnson’s innocently predatory Lorelei and Krissy Richmond’s vivacious Dorothy that sells the endeavor.”

The 2011 production of FINIAN’S RAINBOW received arguably the best reviews in BCCM’s short history. D.L. Groover in The Houston Press called the show “an absolute delight.” He wrote that BCCM’s production was “its own rainbow: rare, bright and magical to behold.” The Chronicle’s Everett Evans felt much the same way, calling the show “genuinely enchanted, and enchanting.” The only negative he found was “that the run is so brief.”

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