Slava’s Snowshow Musical – Book Review

Based on the famous animated children’s show Snow white and the Seven Dwarfs, Slava’s Snowshow Musical tells the story of a beautiful princess who lives in the forest with her three magical fairy friends. There are many snowflakes floating around in the air and the beautiful Princess Snowwhite makes her way into the kingdom of ogre. Ogre is an evil ogre who tries to kill the beautiful Princess Snowwhite. She then sets out on a journey to find the true ogre and stop his wicked plans.

Slava's Snowshow Musical

One of the great things about this musical is that it’s perfect for both children and adults. The play has a very positive message of love and peace. Many people have thought that the story and musical could not be suitable for young children because of the message it carries. However, the musical is completely suitable for all age groups. There are even some parts that are suitable for little children, but some of the songs are suitable for teens and adults as well.

In addition to the wonderful songs there are also some interesting and memorable scenes. For example, there’s a scene where the three evil creatures try to steal the magic potion of Snow White. This is a pretty frightening scene. But in the end, when the three evil creatures are finally defeated, you can sense that the love between Snow White and the three fairies was not for nothing after all. The musical will end with a happily ever after celebration. That definitely shows that the message of the play is not only to enjoy yourself on your journey to the magical land of ogre, but that you should take time to enjoy the people along the way.

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